The Ultimate Chat Channel On Rizon IRC Network


The Ultimate Chat Channel On Rizon IRC Network

#World-UNO (Marky's Color UNO)

World-UNO's channel website:

A simple UNO game that responds fast, makes use of color, has play shortcuts, and the robot player wins games ;-)


Bot Commands:

!unocmds Displays the Commands List

!uno Starts the game

!stop Stops the game

!remove Removes you from the game

!unowon [nick] Displays [nick] points and games played

!unotop10 [games|wins|21] Displays the Top10 scores

!unotop3last Displays last month top3 points/games winners

!unostats Displays current record holders

!unorecords Displays All-Time records


Commands during Play:

jo = join ; pl = play

Colors: y = yellow; g = green, r = red; b = blue

dt = Draw Two, r = Reverse; s = Skip

w = Wild ; wd = Wild Draw Four

dr = draw ; pa = pass

co = color ; ca = cards

cd = card on deck ; tu = turn ;

od = order ; ct = count ;

st = stats ; ti = time


Examples of card play:

to play a blue 4 card: pl b4

to play a red skip card: pl rs

to play a yellow draw two card: pl yd

to play a wild draw four card: pl wd